8 Items With Permanent Desk Real Estate

The “Climb” page will have info related to career health.  While this post is very light-hearted and stays on the surface, I thought it would be a good way to break the ice on this tab.

I find that everyone I’ve worked with has several items always within close reach on their desk, and these items vary from person to person and also within different industries and positions.  For a little over four years, I have worked in multi-family property management.  Right now I’m the Assistant Community Director at a beautiful property in Knoxville, TN, and noticed myself reaching and looking for certain items more than others.  Below I have shared 8 items that have permanent real estate at my desk that I rely on daily.

Keep in mind that these are more personal items for moral support and are not detrimental to my job performance.  That’s a post for another time.  I’m interested to hear what you need throughout your day and what industry you’re in!

1 – germ-X: Okay, moment of truth…I’m afraid of germs being on me.  I wash my hands A LOT throughout my work day, and in between hand washings I will use this lovely product after I’ve shaken someone’s hand, handled keys, packages, etc.  The last thing I’m trying to do is catch someone’s cold or get a handful of surprise grease from a dirty set of keys.  My frequent hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer leads me to my next item…

2 – Perfectly Posh Yummy Hand Creme: Imagine a creamy, moisturizing liquified gummy bear.  That’s what this stuff is.  It smells amazing, absorbs quickly, leaves no trace of residue, and has completely won me over.  I recently attended a Facebook Live direct sales party for Perfectly Posh (Can we make time later to talk about how genius this idea is?  I got to go shopping with no social interaction in my pajamas on my couch.) and would definitely purchase again.  Other scents are available if smelling like candy isn’t your thing.  Check it out here.

3 – Altoids: Pretty self explanatory.  When I’m trying to show people around my property and convince them it’s the perfect home for them (which, spoiler alert, it is), I don’t need my breath to be the thing that drives them away.

4 – Chartwell Mission Card: I love the company I work for.  They gave us this little tent card with our company’s mission statement and goals listed on the inside.  I haven’t worked for another company that cares about the work philosophy it shares (if it even has one to begin with) like this one does.  I like it close to me so I can refer to it if need be.

5 – Polaroid Picture: Possibly my favorite thing on my desk is this Polaroid from my best friend’s wedding of me and my boyfriend, Bryan.  It’s not the best picture of me, but he looks handsome as ever so it made the cut.  It’s a small reminder of one of the strongest pillars of my support system.

6 – Star Wars Daily Calendar:. I’m a Star Wars nerd.  My dad introduced me to it when I was little, and it stuck like glue.  Even now, 28 years later, my love for George Lucas’s work has me excited to rip off the previous day’s page to see what new fact waits for me.  This was a gift from Bryan’s mom at Christmas.

7 – The Biggest Cup You’ve Ever Seen: The Bubba cup’s purpose is two-fold.  It keeps me from making 10 trips a day to the water cooler and is the perfect icebreaker.  I fill this up twice per day, every day.  So, my comment about saving me 10 trips to the water cooler is no hyperbole.  In between sips, roughly 50% of people that come into my office comment on its hugeness, including prospects.  Great conversation starter.  Fellow hydration lovers can grab one here.

8 – Salted & Roasted Almonds: In a struggle-filled effort to be more healthy lately, I have traded my daily individual bag of potato chips in the afternoon for a handful of almonds.  They are so addicting and I don’t (hardly) miss the potato chips.

What are your must haves for your desk?

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