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Hi there!  Welcome to Hello Betty.  I’m Amy, a twenty-something born and raised in East Tennessee.  What I enjoy most of all in life is to create. Whether it’s cooking, crafting, applying makeup, or even putting together this blog, creating something to further my own personal goals or to share with those that I love makes my heart happy. I also enjoy: weekend trips, useful spreadsheets, bright lipstick, time with my wonderful boyfriend, anything and everything Star Wars, vegetables, sleep, my family, mascara, and personal growth.

Like so many others, I enjoy all of these things while pursuing a career and spending time at my office five days a week.  My goal is to share my thoughts and experiences as they relate to the daily life of a modern, professional woman.  I hope to provide you with consistent, valuable content that will relate to and improve your everyday life, maybe even starting some conversation on topics that matter to you along the way.  I’m here to learn, too!

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My first post explains the sentiment behind the blog’s title and images.

I’m happy you’re here and hope to see you again soon!