What I Learned Making My First Meat And Cheese Board

First Meat And Cheese Board Top View

This meat and cheese board is easy and so much fun to put together.  If you’re like me and classify cheese as a food group (not proud of it, but I’m being transparent here), then a meat and cheese board is an obvious element to include in a food spread.  I hadn’t made one before and was apprehensive for some reason, which seems silly in hindsight.  If you’re in the same place I was two weeks ago stressing over what all you need to include in your first meat and cheese board, you’re in the right place.  Here’s what I put together and what I learned from the process.

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Simple Tin Can Soup

Simple tin can soup prepared

Do any of you have recipes that you connect with memories of someone you care about?  I have a lot of these.  Somehow I got lucky enough to have lots of wonderful people in my family that happen to be great cooks.  Last time I shared one of these recipes with you it was my mama’s cobbler.  This week, I’m branching out on the family tree to share one of my aunt’s recipes.  I lived with her briefly several years ago and always enjoyed her meals (her sloppy joe’s are not to be missed).  One of my favorites is this simple tin can soup that requires little effort but is so yummy and filling.  With fall weather arriving in East Tennessee last weekend, I couldn’t let the opportunity to make my favorite chilly weather dish pass me by.  Grab those canned veggies out of your pantry and let’s get started!

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The EASIEST Peach Cobbler


I’m not exagerrating when I say this is the easiest peach cobbler recipe.  I have to make this at least once every year.  It hit me this past week that with August behind us, I almost missed the season to get sweet, soft peaches!  I managed to squeeze this in before the opportunity passed me by.  Peach cobbler has always been associated with the end of summer for me, and the recent fall breeze hitting East Tennessee made this a perfect midweek desert to welcome the cooler weather.

I have to give credit to my mother for this one.  She passed this recipe on to me after I moved out, and I’ve not found anything better.  Why spend more time, work with more ingredients, and make a bigger mess when this simple, quick recipe tastes better?

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