Time to Travel! Part 2: Wrapping Up The Details

Plan Your Trip Part 2

WE DID IT! The warm, sandy beaches of the gulf better be prepared, because we are headed their way soon. We were first considering NYC, but ultimately decided we were looking for a more relaxing vacation experience as opposed to a busy, large city. After long summers at work, the beach provides the type of break we need right now. To ensure I was getting the best value for what we want to spend, I spent some time researching options for multiple aspects of the trip. Keep reading for how and what I researched – plus a handy spreadsheet to compare all your options side by side!

If you missed part 1, catch up here before continuing!


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Time to Travel Part 1 – Planning the Timeframe & Destination

Time to Travel Part 1 Feature Photo

I really enjoy planning things.  Whether it’s something as small as a quick weeknight dinner or something larger like a long-term plan to pay off all of my debt, mapping out the path to reach a future goal just really makes my heart happy.  Having the main details already figured out before you get into whatever the task may be makes everything go smoother and faster, and who doesn’t value saving themselves some time and frustration?  The past few weeks, my boyfriend and I have been slowly narrowing down the specifics of our next vacation, which will be in October.  The planning gears in my brain are hard at work, so I thought I would share the process in this two part series.  This first post will cover picking a destination and timeframe, while the second will cover choosing a place to stay (with a fun spreadsheet!  Those exist, right?).


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8 Items With Permanent Desk Real Estate

The “Climb” page will have info related to career health.  While this post is very light-hearted and stays on the surface, I thought it would be a good way to break the ice on this tab.

I find that everyone I’ve worked with has several items always within close reach on their desk, and these items vary from person to person and also within different industries and positions.  For a little over four years, I have worked in multi-family property management.  Right now I’m the Assistant Community Director at a beautiful property in Knoxville, TN, and noticed myself reaching and looking for certain items more than others.  Below I have shared 8 items that have permanent real estate at my desk that I rely on daily.

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