My Fall Favorites, 2017

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Fall Favorites – Decor, sweets, & beauty

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should), you know I’ve been at the beach for the past week.  It was so much fun, so hot, and so needed.  That being said, I was a little afraid prior to our trip that when we returned all our fall weather would be over.  In East Tennessee, we have about 2 weeks of fall and then it’s winter weather.  The high temps in the weather forecast seem to go from 90 to 55 overnight.  Luckily, fall is still here!  The area we live in gets a taste of all four seasons, and I am so appreciative. I have several reasons to be excited for fall this year and am excited to share some of them with you here.  I hope you enjoy my fall favorites as much as I do!

Fall favorites, front view, all items

 Fall Decor – Wreaths, tea towels, & sparkly pumpkins

Fall favorites, towel and wreath

I love decorating for fall!  Although, I’m really not sure who doesn’t.  So many beautiful colors, leaves changing colors (hopefully you have the chance to see the Smoky Mountains this time of year), and spooky accents pull me in every year.  I’ve talked previously about the wreath pictured and even explained how I made it here.  Wreaths are an easy way to change up the aesthetic of your entry and set the tone for any other pieces you might incorporate inside.  My interior apartment decor isn’t complimented by many warm tones (think dark, espresso wood, leather, silver accents, gray counters, etc), so unfortunately I have to get creative when choosing items to place around my home.

I went with this adorable hand towel for my kitchen that has some gold glitter for some subtle metallic flair and fall trees to start.  I tried and tried and tried to find the link to this towel, but I could not.  It is from Wal-Mart!  I’m making a quick stop on my way home from work to get some necessary home trinket, I forget what it was now, but I find myself so distracted by an end cap FULL of adorable hand towels, oven mitts, and floor mats!  Now I’m standing there with my jaw at my feet thinking maybe I need to go to Wal-Mart more.  As I continued my path to what I actually came for, I find myself distracted by glittery pumpkins…

Okay, I think I have a problem with metallic things, shiny things, glittery things, and the like.  I’m typing this now on a silver placemat on my dining table.  In the center of my dining table are these adorable sparkly pumpkins.  Guys, these are from Wal-Mart, too, and are only 97 cents.  I honestly am surprised at the amount of self-control I summoned when purchasing only 3 of these cuties.  You can see them set up below next to my bowl of tin can soup.

Simple tin can soup prepared and served

Fall favorites, pumpkin decor on dining table

Fall Sweets – Sassy candy bowl & colorful contents

Fall Favorite, bowl and candy

I have an aunt that takes peanut M&M’s daily as “vitamins.”  While science probably does not back this, I absolutely do.  Especially when the colors are autumnal.  The bowl is in the Target dollar spot at the front of the store.  It needs no explanations on why it is awesome.  Refer to the picture, please, and you will see it for yourself.  I keep this bowl with a LIMITED number of the M&M’s on our coffee table.  I unfortunately am unable to put the whole bag in at once.  We would eat them all within one episode of The Office.

Fall Beauty – Moisturizer, lips, & nails

Fall favorites, lips, nails, skin

My skin is a mess lately.  After trying numerous adjustments to my skincare routine, I now see a dermatologist to straighten out my skin.  She stays in the loop on what products I use, how I use them, and any reactions.  My skin is oily year round with little patches of dryness here or there.  I’m always looking for ways to moisturizer my skin without creating an oil slick on my face.  This product dries fast, so consequently you have to be quick with application (this does not bother me as I’m always running late, anyways).  It has a lovely, matte finish and doesn’t irritate my skin.  When I worked in retail I had people come in and call specifically for Formula 10.0.6 products and wondered why.  Now I know more.  Ulta has it here. Disclaimer:  All skin is different, just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Lip color dominates my makeup routine.  I can not express how much I love purple-y lipsticks.  Fall fashion and temperatures are the perfect opportunity to utilize these shades, so there’s no way I could leave them off of a fall favorites post.  My two favorites pictured here are NARS lipstick in the shade “Damage” (my go-to for work) and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Copenhagen” (my go-to for play).  The NARS lipstick is creamy, doesn’t dry out your lips, and has a sheer swipe of color perfectly appropriate for an office.  The NYX lippie is an easy transition to a date night or any weekend activities.

I had a girls day with some friends about a month ago that included a mani & pedi.  What comes next will probably disturb any diehard nailcare fans out there, but I pick my gel manicures off.  When do I have time to go in and pay someone to take them off?  I don’t.  Do I want to pay someone to take them off?  Also no.  Who has had a terrible past experience with acetone?  Me.  I know it’s bad for your nails.  I know this.  It does not stop me.  I needed a treatment, and I love this option from butter London.  It’s a sheer nude, which is my absolute favorite for a nail shade.

I always want my hands to look clean and polished for work since I walk a lot of people through paperwork, which includes a lot of pointing.  People I interact with probably don’t notice, but I still get insecure about it.  Butter London labels this product a “nail moisturizer”, so please keep in mind it is not a polish with opaque color to make a statement.  To help heal my damaged nails, though, I found it perfect.  They also have shades that coordinate with your skin tone, which I found interesting.

What are your fall favorites this year?

What are you excited to use this season?  It’s not over yet, and I’d love to find more products and activities to enjoy!

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