What I Learned Making My First Meat And Cheese Board

First Meat And Cheese Board Top View

This meat and cheese board is easy and so much fun to put together.  If you’re like me and classify cheese as a food group (not proud of it, but I’m being transparent here), then a meat and cheese board is an obvious element to include in a food spread.  I hadn’t made one before and was apprehensive for some reason, which seems silly in hindsight.  If you’re in the same place I was two weeks ago stressing over what all you need to include in your first meat and cheese board, you’re in the right place.  Here’s what I put together and what I learned from the process.

I’m a big fan of The Small Things Blog and noticed she regularly partners with ALDI to feed her party guests.  Being a fan of high quality, wallet-friendly products and all her beautiful party spreads, I decided to rely on ALDI for (most of) my needs this time around, as well.

I can’t tell you how many posts and images I looked at trying to put my shopping list together.  They all looked so beautiful yet complicated at the same time.  I started to see a trend of what elements I need to include.  This helped me narrow down an outline of what I wanted to buy.

What To Include In Your Meat And Cheese Board

  • 3 types charcuterie meat
  • 3-4 cheese, each a different type (refer to pin linked below)
  • Carbs (like crackers, bread, breadsticks, etc)
  • Something sweet (i.e. fruit and/or preserves)
  • Something briny (such as pickles or olives)
  • Something crunchy (could be nuts, grape tomatoes, pickles could be used here also, etc)

My Meat And Cheese Board Contents

  • 3 types charcuterie meat: ALDI offers a package with pepper salami, hot capocollo, and hot calabrese.  Prosciutto is in every picture out there of  any meat and cheese board it seems.  I opted for this option out of convenience.  No one complained.
  • hard cheese: Asiago
  • semi-soft cheese: Gouda
  • soft cheese: Brie
  • Carbs: 6 types of crackers, mini spinach crescent rolls
  • Something sweet: Red grapes, apricot preserves (for the Brie)
  • Something briny: Green olives
  • Something crunchy: Roasted and salted almonds

Putting this together took all of 10 minutes.  I found Target had a  very reasonably priced cheese board selection, linked here.  The one I purchased isn’t online, but it was only $16.99 in store.  I also had some appetizer forks (thank you, Dollar Tree!) and used knives in my drawer.  A nice pair of cheese knives are on my wishlist, but the knives pictured get the job done just fine.  I try to overthink (as I do everything) the placement of everything on the cheeseboard, but I find that the less precise I make it the better it looks.  Make sure to have some cheese already sliced to keep the food line moving.

Meat and cheese board cracker plate

Meat and cheese board full spread

Honestly, research is the most time-consuming part. I find one pin especially helpful as it lists out different cheese options by type. I’ll link it here. Other than that, I hope my summary of the knowledge I gained while agonizing over my choices benefits you!  Let me know how your meat and cheese board comes out.  I would love to see all the possible combinations!  What will you choose for yours?

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This easy meat and cheese board makes a great addition to any party spread! See what I learned while putting together my first one.

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  1. beautiful spread! Meat and cheese boards are my favorite and I love putting them out for parties, but have never thought of Aldi for a cost saving option to get the items. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I classify cheese as a food group and I’m totally not sorry for it! Don’t apologize for what you love. ❤️ The cheese board looks beautiful.

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