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One of my goals for this year is to make our bedroom cozier and more cohesively styled. When I moved in, the bedroom was basically my catch-all area, and I focused on my living/kitchen/dining room area above all else. While I love spending time in those areas, I want the bedroom to be more inviting. I had a lot of time to dwell on this as I spent three days sick in my bed last week. In between coughing fits and naps, it dawned on me that one part of the bedroom I already love is my nightstand. Since I’m taking you all with me on this project of cozy-fying my bedroom, I wanted to share the details of how my nightstand is styled. I hope you enjoy my rustic nightstand decor ideas!

I have beautiful, quality furniture that my parents got for me that isn’t getting a chance to shine. The vanity is in a dimly lit corner and doesn’t get used except to curl my hair. Where I envision a lovely picture collage above the bed the wall is empty. All that is about to change! Here come a lot of DIY projects and styling.

I’m still waiting for the rest of the prints I ordered to come in before I put up my picture collage. In this waiting period I have had time to appreciate what aspects of the bedroom I already enjoy. For whatever reason, I have always known exactly how I want my nightstand to look. From the beginning, even though the rest of the room was a hodge-podge of décor and styles, I had a vision for this piece. The bedroom furniture from my parents is solid wood, has cast iron accents and in-lays, and has beautiful detail work. It feels very rustic and a little bit industrial thanks to the cast iron work. I carried this style to the nightstand and hope to carry it throughout the rest of the room, as well.

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Nightstand Decor Ideas Feature


Rustic Nightstand Decor Ideas – Five Key Elements

Nightstand decor ideas items
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Nightstand Decor Ideas — Cage Lamp


Look for something open with an exposed bulb. The one that looks like it is a pendant street lamp is so fun and a little more quirky! These are all from Wayfair. I am honestly surprised and excited by how many options they have that fit this style! The cage and exposed bulb will add just a tiny bit of industrial feel to the overall look.

Nightstand Decor Ideas — Wooden Box Sign


You can find all of these on Amazon. Yes, Amazon has a nice selection, but you can find these at almost any home store or local boutique. Get out and look around to find something interesting and unique!

Nightstand Decor Ideas — Clock


I’ve seen a lot of good finds on clocks like these at TJMaxx (it’s where I got this one) and HomeGoods. Again, Wayfair has so. Many. Options.

Nightstand Decor Ideas — Jewelry Holder


Anybody else always lay down before taking off their jewelry? I’m always reminding myself by laying on my side and getting poked in the head by my earring post. Save yourself the pain and get a cute jewelry holder. I’m partial to animals and anything metallic.

Nightstand Decor Ideas — Trinkets


These are less functional, more fun. Again, I would suggest any home goods store. Look for pieces that look like raw materials (wood, stone, etc) with a little bit of wear.

Rustic Nightstand Decor Ideas – Things to Keep in Mind

While shopping, keep these details in mind:

  • Look for items that are a little weathered. This will add to the “rustic” feel. Lots of decor pieces are purposefully made to look weathered, so they don’t have to actually be weathered from age.
  • The target color scheme here are neutrals or muted colors. You can of course incorporate pops of color in small doses. I like to use metallic as a fun option if you’re looking to add more interest and personality to a neutral palette.
  • Raw materials are the goal! Metal (painted, polished, or unpolished), wood, and stone are your best options.
  • Don’t shy away from adding more pieces that are personal to you or specific to your interests as long as they fit the style. I always have a coaster and mug (charcoal and super light pink, respectively), some books, and a handmade book put together by friends and family during a rough personal time several years ago (this is my pop of color with lots of warm floral prints). These are things that are a part of my lifestyle and simply make me happy to have close by.

What’s your favorite thing on your nightstand? Are there any parts of your home that will be getting a facelift anytime soon? Let me know!

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Styled rustic nightstand decor ideas perfect for a cozy, inviting bedroom

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  1. These are such great ideas! Can I have ALL of them?!? I really love the cage lamp, and the clocks are SO sweet! I really need to turn my energy to our room too…it always seems to be the last to get decorated.

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