All-Purpose Shredded Chicken

All-Purpose Shredded Chicken Feature

Does anyone else lack the patience, time, or energy to put together a meal after work?  Or feel inspired by all the #mealprep pictures you see on social media but can’t find the motivation to throw it together?  I see you and am glad I’m not alone!  This shredded chicken is made with minimal effort in a slow cooker and can be stored up to five days in the refrigerator.  It’s lightly seasoned and can be eaten alone or used in recipes, making it oh-so-versatile.  You only need 4 ingredients which also makes it super easy! I started making this every Sunday at the end of last year, and it has made all the difference for me on lunch breaks and at dinner time!

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DIY Picture Frame

DIY Decoupage Picture Frame

While I didn’t make any resolutions for 2018, I have definitely been more focused on cleaning out and organizing everything I possibly can in our apartment.  Along the way I have made a list of small DIY side projects for myself.  In this post I will share the first of these – making a DIY picture frame.  And then making a lot more.  They were much easier than I anticipated, and I can’t wait to spread them out over the wall I have picked out for them!

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Ham & Swiss Breakfast Casserole

Ham & swiss breakfast casserole featured

I think my favorite part of the weekend is having the time to make eat a big, filling breakfast.  That being said, I rarely have the energy on a Saturday morning to make a multi-dish meal.  Enter the breakfast casserole.  It cooks all in one dish, layer over layer of yummy breakfast.  I made this ham and Swiss version several months ago and don’t know why I waited until now to make it again.  This breakfast casserole combination is a little different from the routine bacon or sausage with cheddar, and that’s the main reason I love it.

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