6 Important Factors To Consider When Apartment Hunting

6 factors to consider when apartment hunting flatlay

We can all agree that our housing choices are deeply personal decisions that we do not make lightly.  I’ve been a renter for nearly a decade at various properties at different price points and styles.  Those personal experiences along with the knowledge I’ve gained working in the multi-family housing industry have provided me with a much deeper understanding of what we, as renters, need to consider when choosing an apartment home.  Whether you’re searching for your first apartment home or are unhappy and searching for a different apartment, these six important factors to consider when apartment hunting will serve you well.

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My Fall Favorites, 2017

Fall Favorites 2017 Flatlay

Fall Favorites – Decor, sweets, & beauty

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should), you know I’ve been at the beach for the past week.  It was so much fun, so hot, and so needed.  That being said, I was a little afraid prior to our trip that when we returned all our fall weather would be over.  In East Tennessee, we have about 2 weeks of fall and then it’s winter weather.  The high temps in the weather forecast seem to go from 90 to 55 overnight.  Luckily, fall is still here!  The area we live in gets a taste of all four seasons, and I am so appreciative. I have several reasons to be excited for fall this year and am excited to share some of them with you here.  I hope you enjoy my fall favorites as much as I do!

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Simple Tin Can Soup

Simple tin can soup prepared

Do any of you have recipes that you connect with memories of someone you care about?  I have a lot of these.  Somehow I got lucky enough to have lots of wonderful people in my family that happen to be great cooks.  Last time I shared one of these recipes with you it was my mama’s cobbler.  This week, I’m branching out on the family tree to share one of my aunt’s recipes.  I lived with her briefly several years ago and always enjoyed her meals (her sloppy joe’s are not to be missed).  One of my favorites is this simple tin can soup that requires little effort but is so yummy and filling.  With fall weather arriving in East Tennessee last weekend, I couldn’t let the opportunity to make my favorite chilly weather dish pass me by.  Grab those canned veggies out of your pantry and let’s get started!

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