A Modern Briefcase

Packing Modern Briefcase Contents

What I Carry When Working on the Go – My Modern Briefcase

I remember being envious of my dad when he would pull anything out of his briefcase when I was younger.  For some reason, I felt like I needed to have one even though my most important documents at that time were vocabulary words teaching me when to use “ie” or “ei.”  Now that I’m older and have a career, I get overly excited about what to pack in my “briefcase.”  A while ago, I spent months trying to find some beautiful, leather, traditional briefcase to carry when I needed to transport my materials for work, but nothing looked remotely cute enough for me to want to pair with my work clothes.  Who says we have to carry a traditional work bag?!  I found a very inexpensive tote that fits what I need perfectly without being cumbersome.  Best of all, the bag AND the contents coordinate (I’m a dork, I know).  Take a peek inside my bag to see what I carry in my modern briefcase.

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How I Styled My Front Door for Fall

Fall Wreath Tutorial

After a DISASTER of a summer wreath attempt, I decided to give it another go for the fall season. I’m glad I did, because I’m really enjoying this finished product! The options for decorating outdoors while living in an apartment are very limited (can’t obstruct any of the outdoor walkway areas), and I rely on wreaths to give our entrance some personality. This particular design incorporates flowers of the season, giving dahlias the spotlight with a few sunflowers for good measure. The gold ribbon gives it some subtle metallic shimmer to catch the eye and makes the otherwise bare areas of the wreath more interesting. Best of all, it only takes one trip to the craft store and roughly an hour to put together!

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The EASIEST Peach Cobbler


I’m not exagerrating when I say this is the easiest peach cobbler recipe.  I have to make this at least once every year.  It hit me this past week that with August behind us, I almost missed the season to get sweet, soft peaches!  I managed to squeeze this in before the opportunity passed me by.  Peach cobbler has always been associated with the end of summer for me, and the recent fall breeze hitting East Tennessee made this a perfect midweek desert to welcome the cooler weather.

I have to give credit to my mother for this one.  She passed this recipe on to me after I moved out, and I’ve not found anything better.  Why spend more time, work with more ingredients, and make a bigger mess when this simple, quick recipe tastes better?

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