Simple Tin Can Soup

Simple tin can soup prepared

Do any of you have recipes that you connect with memories of someone you care about?  I have a lot of these.  Somehow I got lucky enough to have lots of wonderful people in my family that happen to be great cooks.  Last time I shared one of these recipes with you it was my mama’s cobbler.  This week, I’m branching out on the family tree to share one of my aunt’s recipes.  I lived with her briefly several years ago and always enjoyed her meals (her sloppy joe’s are not to be missed).  One of my favorites is this simple tin can soup that requires little effort but is so yummy and filling.  With fall weather arriving in East Tennessee last weekend, I couldn’t let the opportunity to make my favorite chilly weather dish pass me by.  Grab those canned veggies out of your pantry and let’s get started!

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Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Bryan and I ordered Chinese food this weekend and the restaurant had chicken lettuce wraps on the menu.  That got me thinking about different alternatives that might also be tasty.  Frank’s Redhot Sauce makes everything yummy in my opinion, so I utilized it here to make a buffalo style version.  I bought what ingredients that I could already made or prepped to save time (long day at work!), including the blue cheese dressing and shredded carrots.  From the time I opened the chicken package to the time I sat down with my plate, only 25 minutes had passed!  I’ll take it.

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Chicken Burrito Bowls


Alright, here we are with the first post centered around eating. Eating happens to be one of my favorite activities, so naturally it has it’s own dedicated space on this site. Just so you know what to expect: I don’t like making meals that have 20 ingredients, dirty up more dishes than I can fit in the sink, or have me eating dinner when I would rather be falling asleep due to a lengthy preparation process. I was searching around on Pinterest for some sort of “bowl” to make and couldn’t really find anything that fit what I wanted. I needed something easy, but didn’t want all of my ingredients mixed together in the crockpot (I can’t stand my food mixed up before I get it on my plate–I’m a weirdo). It needed to be something that could be built by each individual diner to fit their taste preferences. The recipe below is what I came up with.

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