DIY Picture Frame

DIY Decoupage Picture Frame

While I didn’t make any resolutions for 2018, I have definitely been more focused on cleaning out and organizing everything I possibly can in our apartment.  Along the way I have made a list of small DIY side projects for myself.  In this post I will share the first of these – making a DIY picture frame.  And then making a lot more.  They were much easier than I anticipated, and I can’t wait to spread them out over the wall I have picked out for them!

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How I Styled My Front Door for Fall

Fall Wreath Tutorial

After a DISASTER of a summer wreath attempt, I decided to give it another go for the fall season. I’m glad I did, because I’m really enjoying this finished product! The options for decorating outdoors while living in an apartment are very limited (can’t obstruct any of the outdoor walkway areas), and I rely on wreaths to give our entrance some personality. This particular design incorporates flowers of the season, giving dahlias the spotlight with a few sunflowers for good measure. The gold ribbon gives it some subtle metallic shimmer to catch the eye and makes the otherwise bare areas of the wreath more interesting. Best of all, it only takes one trip to the craft store and roughly an hour to put together!

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Time to Travel! Part 2: Wrapping Up The Details

Plan Your Trip Part 2

WE DID IT! The warm, sandy beaches of the gulf better be prepared, because we are headed their way soon. We were first considering NYC, but ultimately decided we were looking for a more relaxing vacation experience as opposed to a busy, large city. After long summers at work, the beach provides the type of break we need right now. To ensure I was getting the best value for what we want to spend, I spent some time researching options for multiple aspects of the trip. Keep reading for how and what I researched – plus a handy spreadsheet to compare all your options side by side!

If you missed part 1, catch up here before continuing!


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