My Absolute Favorite Easy Chili Recipe

My favorite easy chili recipe with Carroll Shelby’s kit

Anyone else have foods that remind you of a specific time of year?  I don’t mean just a season.  Chili, specifically this easy chili recipe made with Carroll Shelby’s kit, always reminds me of the weekend between Christmas and New Year’s. For the past few years I’ve found myself too tired from holiday cooking to make a big meal but yearning something hearty and home-cooked.  Three dozen decorated cut-out cookies, four pies, and a (also my first) maple honey ham within a few days really takes it out of a girl!  This chili always fits what I’m looking for this week of the year—ease, little time investment, and pre-portioned.  You’ll love this easy chili recipe when you need to warm up, fill up, and relax between holiday activities.

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Holiday Wreath DIY – A Friend Makes It Better!

Holiday wreath diy close up

I was so excited when one of my best friends, Rachel, asked me to get together with her last week to make a holiday wreath!  Both of our work schedules and the traffic we’ve seen in our respective positions has been crazy the last few weeks, and it’s hard for us to coordinate our work schedules.  I know I can’t be the only one feeling like my social life has been lacking due to holiday preparations/stress and a busy work life! Not only does making a holiday wreath get you excited for the season, but it’s an easy activity to fit in with a friend after working all day.  Get out your ribbon and glue gun and create with us!

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How I Styled My Front Door for Fall

Fall Wreath Tutorial

After a DISASTER of a summer wreath attempt, I decided to give it another go for the fall season. I’m glad I did, because I’m really enjoying this finished product! The options for decorating outdoors while living in an apartment are very limited (can’t obstruct any of the outdoor walkway areas), and I rely on wreaths to give our entrance some personality. This particular design incorporates flowers of the season, giving dahlias the spotlight with a few sunflowers for good measure. The gold ribbon gives it some subtle metallic shimmer to catch the eye and makes the otherwise bare areas of the wreath more interesting. Best of all, it only takes one trip to the craft store and roughly an hour to put together!

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