What’s in a name?

Hi, friends!  For my first blog post, I thought I would explain where the name of my blog comes from and also what my plans are for this site.

The name of the blog is pretty simple.  I named it after my grandmother, whose name to me is “Nana.”  Those not privileged enough to be her granddaughter call her Betty, sometimes Betty Jo.  She has always been one of my role models, and I love her dearly.  She is friendly, gracious, modest, and has great taste in anything and everything.

She also has the greenest thumb of all the thumbs in the world, which is why I chose a flower bouquet to be featured on the logo.  I don’t have many recent pictures of us (she is not fond of having her picture taken the last several years), so here’s a picture of us in front of her GIANT Wisteria plant many years ago.  This beast is still there and we took some family photos in front of it at Easter this year.

While writing here, I hope to share some things I have already tackled and also share my journey with new opportunities that come my way.  I’m big on personal growth and will be exploring three areas, which are separated into the page tabs in the top right hand corner.  I plan to share the good and the bad and whatever else I may discover along the way.  Please check back regularly to learn with me!

Visit my ABOUT page for more about me and the blog!

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